Velv'Or JNaja 50mm Cock Ring

Velv'Or JNaja 50mm Cock Ring

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Velv'Or JNaja 50mm Cock Ring

The JNaja is the Ready to Wear edition of the JCobra. An ergonomically shaped CockRing which follows the natural curves of the male body. It can be worn during the whole day thus giving the wearer the pleasure of being 'EnRinged' while his Perineum is constantly being massaged. This will increase your sexual drive and appetite, making you feel more ‘manly’ and confident.

The JNaja gives a constant firm pressure on the perineum, resulting in harder, longer erections and stronger orgasms. Wearing it will therefore benefit your sex life.

The JNaja is produced from Nylon Fiber in the Netherlands, using a revolutionary new production process. The JNaja is dyed black and will de-color as time goes by like stonewashed jeans, making it unique to its owner after hours of wearing pleasure.



  • Size : 50mm
  • Material: Nylong Fibre
  • Weight: 21grams



  • Luxury Cock Ring


About Velv'Or:

Velv’Or is the inventing company behind some amazing products for Gentlemen. The name Velv’Or stands for the various physiological stages of the Penis. 'Velv' comes from the word 'Velvet' meaning Soft while 'Or' is derived from the word 'Vigor' meaning Hard.



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