Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Gold Set

Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Gold Set

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Rianne S Booty Plug Luxury Gold Set

This booty plug set comprises of two anal plugs, each in a different size and are beautifully finished with a gem-like stone. They feature different shades of gem-like stone to set the plugs apart.  It’s the ideal training kit to further explore your body and undiscovered erogenous zones.


Display your booty beauty with the metal butt plug set by RIANNE S.



  • Materials: Booty plug in gold plated medical grade steel.
  • Two sizes with two different coloured stones


  • Rianne S Anal Plug * 2
  • Presentation Box


About Rianne S:

RIANNE S, the luxury sexual lifestyle brand specializes in creating beautiful and original sensual accessories for today's woman. Designed to stimulate the senses, the RIANNE S collection invites you to explore your sexual boundaries and unleash the goddess inside each and every one of you.


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